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Football team insurance for amateur adult, youth and junior County FA affiliated teams 

Football public liability insurance for amateur football teams

Football club property, assets and business liabilities insurance from Grass Roots to Premier League.

Amateur, Semi Pro & Professional Football Insurance offering financial assistance in the event of a football related injury 

Football agent professional indemnity insurance protection from negligence claims

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Football Insurance

David J Miller provide amateur and professional football insurance services at the business end of sport from grass roots football to the premier league. You want football team insurance, professional career ending insurance or insurance for your football club - we've got it covered!

Call us on 01254 355 154 or click on the links/images below for more information or premiums on your football insurance.


Football Team Insurance Football Public  Liability Insurance Football Injury Insurance

Football Club Insurance Personal Injury Insurance Professional Sports Insurance

Football Coach Insurance Football Agent Insurance Football Tournament Insurance

Football Team Insurance

Comprehensive cover for both adult and youth county league affiliated amateur football teams requiring football injury insurance and / or public liability. Please click here to see our football team insurance page or on the appropriate image above.

Football Club Insurance

For both amateur grass roots, non-league and professional football clubs, sports stadia and leisure facilities throughout the UK providing specialist scheme cover for club facilities, buildings, property, equipment and contents, playing surfaces, money, stock and deterioration, loss of license, legal expenses and business liabilities including public liability, employers liability. For more information on football club insurance please click here.

Football Public Liability Insurance

For individual football teams and clubs and also a block scheme cover for county football associations and leagues which provides cover to clubs affiliated with the County FA. For more information on football public liability insurance please click here.

Sports Event Insurance / Football Tournament Insurance

We can provide public liability cover for organisers of amateur sports events such as football tournaments being held over any number of days. Event insurance will provide public liabilty protection against damage to or injury to any third party. Should you as the organiser enlist the help of any assistants whether paid or volunteers you will also be required to have sufficient employers liability cover. Our policy comes with a standard employers liability indemnity limit of £10million and the option of £1million, £2million, £5million or £10million public liability indemnity. If you are organising a sports event then you will possibly find that the owners of the facilities whether it be council or privately owned may require you to have your own public liability insurance in place. Please click here to complete our online form for sports event insurance or amateur football tournament insurance or contact us on 01254 355 154.

Amateur Personal Football Injury Insurance

For individuals within amateur football who require a personal accident insurance policy that can assist financially in the event of an injury by providing a weekly lump sum payment for loss of earnings and or a capital benefits lump sum payment in the event of serious injury or permanent disablement. For more information on amateur football personal accident insurance please click here.

Professional Football Insurance

For professional footballers who require a personal accident policy that will provide financial assistance in the event of a serious or career ending injury whilst playing football. Financial benefit can include loss of earnings cover and a capital lump sums payment in the event of serious injury or death. Permanent total disablement and career ending insurance provides a fixed lump sum payment and temporary total disablement insurance cover offers a fixed sum payout for loss of earnings whilst you are injured. Each individual player should ensure they are protected by a comprehensive personal accident policy to safeguard their financial future in the event of injury. For more information on professional sports insurance please click here.

Football Agent Professional Indemnity Insurance

Providing indemnity in the event of negligence claims that may be brought against football agents in the services provided to their clients. Please click here for more information on football agent insurance.

In line with the ECB/PCA regulations we now provide cricket agent insurance. Click on the link for more information.

Why buy football insurance?

Insurance isn't a leisure product or something that you choose to spend your money on lightly. We would all much rather be spending money on the things we enjoy in life, however having an adequate insurance policy in place can ensure your future happiness in the event of an accident or injury by providing financial security.

No win, no fee solicitors have made making a claim against a person or a corporate body easily accessible and affordable. As a result there is an increasing number of law suits being brought against footballers and their clubs for claims of negligence and the like. It is therefore imperitive throughout the game that all of your personal and business risks are assessed. Those who assess this risk and plan for the future are fully protected. Dont leave your future to chance, make sure you are protected.

We make it our business to know and understand the particulars within this sector of football insurance, which means that you can leave your risks to be taken care of by a team of professionals who will ensure your are adequately covered with a competitively priced policy.

We guarantee to provide a first class service offering full client facing and behind the scenes customer service which enable us to build lasting relationships with our clients that develop over the years so that we become the first choice whenever it comes to your football insurance risks. We also have our own inhouse claims team who will be on hand should you be unfortunate enough to have to make a claim. We will take ownership of your claim and after establishing the circumstances assist in presenting the claim to the insurers to ensure a prompt response.

What risks are involved in football insurance?

A player can insure themsleves against financial loss through career ending insurance and loss of earnings due to temporary total disablement after an injury.

A club can insure individual players against these same set of circumstances via a contingency contract wage insurance policy to offset any losses they may incur in continuing to pay a players wages should the player be out with a long term injury or have their career cut short due to premanant total disablement. A club may have paid a large sum of money for a player and as such is an asset to that club business.

Players can sue a club for negligence in the event of a career ending injury, for example if another teams player was to tackle a player which resulted in a career ending injury the tackling teams club could be held accountable for the actions of their player. Depending on the value put on the career of the individual the settlement can run into millions.

A clubs own player can sue, should the club be held accountable for negligence in their duty of care towards that player. An adequate directors and officers insurance policy with entity cover would provide protection for the club in the event of a claim in these circumstances.

Whatever level a club may be, they can choose to insure their team within a group personal accident policy which offers loss of earnings compensation in the event of temporary injury and lump sum payouts in the event of serious injuries or death.

Clubs also need their own public liability insurance to protect against claims brought against them for damage to or injury to third parties such as material damage or spectators.

From grass roots level through to premiership all clubs have assets that they need to protect from sports and training equipment, changing facilities or clubhouse right up to  football stadiums, groundsman machinery, employers liabilities, directors and officers liabilities and so on.

Claims can be brought personally against a clubs directors and officers should they be found negligent in their duties in the running of the club or assessing the risk of the club. For example this ironically enough could be that a clubs financial situation is out into jeopardy as a result of a claim brought whereby a director hadn't insured the club adequately. Entity cover can also provide protection for the actual club should the club be held accountable.

Even those acting on behalf of players as an agent need to ensure that they have sufficient protection so that any advise they offer that can result in claims of negligence from the services they have provided.

So where does this leave you? If you are thinking about your personal or club needs then think of us here at David J Miller football insurance.

If you are considering alternatives for your sports cover or are unhappy with the service you are receiving from your current provider then please contact us.

As a leading supplier in this sector we will be able to review your current policy and talk through the different options that are available to you through specialist schemes that offer extensions specifically for individuals, football teams, sporting facilities and sports related businesses.

For more detailed information about what cover can include please see the dedicated pages by clicking on the links above.

If you are unsure about your legal obligations or are simply looking for some assistance to ensure that you and your club are adequately protected with the right cover please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat. We will be happy to help.

All of our policies are underwritten by certain syndicates at Lloyds of London or through A rated insurance providers giving you the piece of mind that you have appropriate cover through a dependable insurer.

For more information about football insurance speak to us on 01254 355 154.

Keep up to date with football industry news by visiting the Professional Footballers Association or The FA websites or visit BBC Football ITV Football and Non League Daily for up to date football reports.

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